What percentage of married men would you guess get hookers?

I was on this website where this hooker girl was answering questions and I was curious about it because I wonder what its like to be a prostitute. I'd never do it at all, but it seems scary so the girls kind of interest me as people. Anyway, this girl was asking the men on the site to explain why they go after prostitutes and some of the guys were married. They mainly said they did it for something new and different than their wife at home. Now I'm just wondering how many married guys actually do go to prostitutes...


any number i threw out would be a guess. i honestly have no idea. i havent known very many married men closely in my life.

but i will say that there was a time when i literally started to wonder if every married man cheats because of the stories i would hear. granted, the number of stories was extremely tiny considering that there are about 150 million men in the states. but when it seems like every man you hear of does it, it makes it seem like most do it. because thats what happened, i was honestly surprised at how many said or that i heard did.

dont believe anybody who says things like they heard a poll or survey say "45% of men bla bla bal...," because the majority of the time, these surveys are not anything close to scientific studies. and yes, surveys & statistics are often manipulated or even outright fabricated. as a matter of fact, its my understanding that most of these surveys typically poll anywhere from 500-1500 people. then it depends on who you ask, the source may have some agenda, etc.... a lot of times, these surveys are for just so that the media source can have a juicy headline to sell a story. boring doesnt sell. this is like gossip. read the book called "how to lie with statistics."


That varies a lot from country to country and culturally. In some places it is just an ordinary thing to do after work. In the USA I'd say 25-30% of married men at most go to hookers. Not that others don't cheat.

I've seen stats that say 1 in 3 men will see a hooker at some time in their life. That is 33% of men.

A 2004 TNS poll reported 15 percent of all men have paid for sex and 30 percent of single men over age 30 have paid for sex.

So approx 25-30 of married men is a good approx..

EDIT: And below is right you don't look at one poll. You can look at several polls and if they have similar results it can suggest a pattern that is more reliable than a random guess.

You can also listen to and watch for many years the people around you. I know an extreme minority of married men who see hookers. I know a greater percentage of married men who cheat, but not with hookers. The asker wants to know specifically about hookers, not about men who generally f*&^ around on their wives. So don't worry, to say 25% of men pay hookers does not suggest that most men are faithful.


Dopey is just being a dick. Realistically it's more like 98.7%




Makes sense, most of my married friends say the sex is all but gone. By the way, are you really a kitty?


I don't know. I'm gonna guess maybe somewhere between 10-43% seems stupid to get married if you're just gonna go out and pay to screw strangers anyway. I got no respect for those kinds of guys anyway

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many women dont want to think about this. many women refuse to believe their dear husband would never go to a hooker. but the cold hard truth is that MOST guys have gone to hookers before. And MANY guys STILL go to hookers while they are married. why? because it gets boring sleeping with the same woman night after night after night. its just the way guys are. we need variety. we cant be with just one woman. its impossible.


I don't think it's 75%, but it's probably not exactly a low number either.

I think that people have become a bit more open about what they do within and outside of their relationships. Lots of people have extramarital affairs or hookups. Plenty of gentlemen visit prostitutes. (There wouldn't be any if there wasn't a great demand.) It's not a new thing. It's been going on since the beginning of time.

I think it just goes to show that people in any committed relationship should continue to get tested for STDs/STIs.