What would the functionalist, conflict, interactionism perspectives say about abortion?

answer like,

- Functionalist view abortion as a good source in the society because~~~~~

- Conflict perspective view abortion as ~~~~~

- Interactionism view abortion as ~~~~~


consider the range of key concepts that each perspectives provides then cerate he rlevant research questions on the issue of abortion using thises concepts

Functionalist concepts

norm, mores, socialisation, anomie; deviance; sub cultures; dysfunctions,

nb Functionalism discusses the dysfunctional, as well ths the functional, aspects of any issue

Conflict theory concepts

inequalities of power; inequalities of the power to define the situation; bases of these inequalities: gender/class/ ethnicity/racism; ideology; unequal access to resources


looking glass self; signficant others; generalised others; labelling; primary and secondary forms of deviance; internalisation of social roles; front stage/ back stage roles