Is life really worth living ?

Im so mad boiling hot and sooo hurt inside I hate my life. Really wish all would end really starting to really contiplate


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find something that you can enjoy, leave all that make you hurt.

Then you will feel better


send me a nude?


yes, only if u have nothing to lose


I feel like killing myself too. Want to jump together? Seriously.


I'm sorry for what yu are feeling :/. But yes life is worth living.. Cuz I'm pretty sure yu got sum frends and family tht loves you a lot. And if yu hav kids or want kids yu will hav to be around. Just calm down and always think a lil possitive and not negitive


Life is so precious, even if you are so hurt and even if you have had enough you shouldn't kill yourself because there is someone in your life that will be devastated, and you would hurt them more than you hurt yourself. So i'm telling you..with time things will get better.


this is a great question... is life based upon the outcome of circumstances or something much larger. Are we temporal and just here and that is it? Or do we really have to face God? God is not a cosmic kill joy but rather the destination we were made to discover. We are eternal and created in the image of God and the best of us fall short of Gods standards. Jesus is the key to our life. When we come to Christ we discover all why we exist. Read the gospel of John you can find it on line and this may not change your current life's status but your world view. I believe this world is passing away and the this life is a flash in the pan compared to eternity. I have faith and a hope based on the prophetic word of God that I will be raised in Christ much different than I am now. This world is about to enter the tribulation that was prophesied before the second coming of Jesus. This is not some wild idea but a culmination of hundreds of prophecies over thousands of years. This is not the religion section but psychology has no reason for the meaning of life. God bless you and I will pray that you will seek God in your situation.


IMO, yea, but seriously don't contemplate these things when you are mad mk? That only makes things worst and it's likely that the people around you care about you, regardless if you feel like they do. Just know that whenever you reach a low point, life can only get better from there.