Child Custody- Why are women so heartless?

that they deprive their children of a father (also known as dead-beat dad to feminists)?


She's out for revenge. The Lord hath no fury like a woman...scorned.


The Lord hath no fury like a woman...scorned or not!


I am confused about the anti-feminist position on this. Some seem to think men do not get enough access to their child (which I sympathise with) others complain about women chaining them down with kids and want the right to resign responsibility.


Actually, when my parents were divorced, my father got custody of the children. I have a dead beat mother. I'm still a feminist. You know why? Because I actually looked at the issues that feminists care about, and decided they were important.


Some children SHOULD be kept away from their fathers.

Ok, now that I got that out of the way, I will say that 'should' is not very often the case. Of all the split-ups I am aware of, it seems the women are far more manipulative about using the children as a weapon against their fathers. And yes, sometimes the men do it as well, either way it is very sad.

It hurts the children. The women (and men) who do this are just thinking of themselves and their need to get even. It take precedence over the needs of the children. So sad! (and by the way, I am a woman!)


Revenge mentality and immaturity on the womans part. It happens with scorned men too, that they remove themselves out of the childrens life hoping to see them fail without a father, although that far more rare.


If the dad/ex-husband really is a dead-beat dad and doesn't care for the children, then that's one thing-- if they were a bad dad to begin with, they'll probably be a bad dad forever. However if he was a good dad, and continues to be, and makes sure he visits the kids whenver he can and so on, then it's not fair for the mom to keep the kids away from their dad.