Do women really hate being ogled at?

I was just curious. Do women get creeped out when guys ogle at them? If so, then does that mean that famous women like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera hate being ogled at? Because many girls I know like to dress and act like them. So, I'm wondering why women dress and act like they do if they hate the attention.


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Actually, I've known women to be outraged when NOT being "ogled," i.e. admired. When I was in college, a group of mainly female students would always have a cardio type exercise class in our dojo right before our workouts. Every semester, without fail, there were plenty of hotties partaking, and most of us guys would regularly pause to enjoy the view, making no attempt to hide this. We were generally greeted with appreciative smiles or flirting in return.

Finally, one semester, there were no hotties! The class was a bunch of fat, uncoordinated chicks doing tae bo, lol. We men did nothing but peruse briefly, chuckle a little and cringe. Soon after, we were forbidden by the university from entering the space until the girls had finished. Only when we stopped looking did they complain that we were "ogling!"

Sep 15 at 11:8

Some do. Some dont obviously. How about you ?

Sep 15 at 14:55

Yes, but they hate not being ogled, even more.

A little is good for the self-esteem, but too much is creepy.

Sep 15 at 19:4

It depends on who's doing the ogling.

Young, cute guy - cool.

Older, unattractive guy - not so much.

Shrug. Hey - we never said it *wasn't* a double standard.

Sep 15 at 23:36

I don't dress like Christina Aguilera or Britney and I still don't like the ogling. It's creepy.

Sep 16 at 4:31

It just depends. If it's some creepy old guy drooling over them i'm sure they would become angry. But if it's some young attractive guy smiling as he checks out their body i'm sure they would be flattered.

Sep 16 at 9:49

Many girls want "guy x" to look at them, or complain why he isn't paying attention. But when "Guy B" looks at them, they are creeped out.

To make things clear, girls want "the right guy" to ogle at them.

Sep 16 at 15:31

me no i love it.. i love being in the center of attenion.

and plus as i heard on some radio program this morning

sex appeal sells i'll use what i have to get ahead. if it wasn't going to work then men wouldn't pay for it would they!

Sep 16 at 21:35