Why are some guys afraid to be vulnerable?

Why are some guys afraid to be vulnerable?


It can be a number of things. A lot of guys grow up in an environment where they're taught that showing tender emotion is a "sissy" thing, a sign of weakness, whether it's by their parents, siblings or friends. Others have a hard time with it because it involves trusting the other person, and perhaps they've been burned by people in the past. Or maybe they feel like becoming vulnerable means a loss of control of any situation, and so they shut that off as a defense. Another possibility is that, since a large number of men have the ability to compartmentalize different aspects of their lives, some guys are maybe a little too good at it, and are able to shut the emotional parts of their lives off from everyone and everything else.

Dec 16 at 23:23

Because guys are people too.

Dec 17 at 3:9


but yeah, some guys do way better at it than others

some guys think it makes them weak , maybe? or look weak, at least?

Dec 17 at 7:18