Is the theory test hard?


Last year I took thirty lessonsthen stopped due to getting married and having a baby.

I didn't do the theory test I was to scarred to as I havent studied in a few years.

But I know that with a baby itd be easier.

Is it hard? I have all the books and got the app on my iphone.

Is the hazard perception hard?

What is the average lessons for someone to pass the practical?

Thanks for any help.



No theory test is not hard.

To pass theory test you have to prepared for

1) Multiple choice part

2) Hazard perception part

3) Highway code

In multiple choice question you will be randomly selected 45 multiple-choice questions and 5 marks case study style questions in 57 minutes and you need to get at least 43 right to pass. For lorries and buses you'll be asked 60 questions in 70 minutes

In hazard perception test you'll be presented with a series of 14 video clips each about a minute long, which feature every day road scenes. In each clip there'll be at least one developing hazard, but one of the clips will feature two developing hazards.

The videos feature various types of hazard, such as road conditions, vehicles and pedestrians.

The earlier you spot a hazard developing that may require the driver to take some action, the higher the score.

There are 15 score able hazards in the tests and candidates can score up to 5 points on each hazard.

Hope this will help.

So don't be nervous prepare well and go for theory test you will pass in 1st attempt!


Not really, if you read the highway code, and go on the net and practice the multiple choice questions and do some hazard perception videos you should be fine. When i sat mine a couple of months ago i had a fair few questions on motorway and first aid, but i found that some of the questions i'd practiced on the net actually came up. I found the hazard perception bit fairly hard though because i was clicking what i thought were the hazards and then that stupid notice came up saying i was clicking inappropriately and i scored zero for that clip so after that i was scared to click just incase i kept scoring zero, but i passed it.


Not really, I passed the first time I took it. i was told to do ALOT of practice theory tests as the same or similar questions come up.

I think it's about 40 hours worth of lessons.