Which GCSE's should I take?

I'm in year 9 and am thinking about what to take for my GCSE's. I would like to become a doctor. What are the best to take taht will help me for this. I would like to take 2 languages, I'm good at German and I was thinking maybe Latin as a lot of medical terms are derived from that language. Any ideas?


Hey! I'm year 9, I've already started my GCSE's, and I want to be a doctor too. I'm actually meant to be revising for a test in one of my GCSE subjects at the moment, but instead I'm helping you :) [Feel special ;-) ] Okay, so I'm taking French and History this year. French is hard work- but it's very rewarding, and History is also hard- but it's GCSE, so... Next year, I'm definitely taking Latin. I think it will be very rewarding to have a head start on Latin before med school. I'm not sure what else I'm going to take with Latin. I was going to do Geography, but I'm not entirely sure. And in the last year, I'm taking Music, and something else- maybe extra science in that year. It's important to take subjects which will help you- but take something you enjoy, as well. One of my teachers told me, before I chose my subjects, that it's a good idea to do one subject you have to do, and one you enjoy doing- so you don't get burned out, and begin to loath school more than you do already ;-). Fortunately, I enjoy doing History and French, so I landed lucky. Just bear in mind, that choosing a load of hard, boring subjects just because you have to do them, isn't the best thing to do. Try and spread the load. Good luck choosing- do something you love.


take physics, chem n bio. if u can manage, do take maths also,


If you want to become a doctor you should definitely be considering Biology. Also you should take German if your school provides that course, but I don't know of any schools that teach Latin.


If possible take Triple Science, but as you know, Medicine is extremely competitive, with some universities harsh on your GCSE grades. E.g. for Birmingham, they require at least 7A*s. In that sense, it doesn't matter what subjects you do at GCSE - just get those A*s! An A* in Latin is worth more than a B in French. Likewise, A*A* in Double Science is worth more than AAA in Triple Science (though this is probably the best option to take).

So basically, take courses which you will get A*s in. You could always brush up on your science knowledge after your GCSE exams. In fact, Triple Science only differs by Double Science through more content, not harder content.


Biology and Chemistry are essential. Physics would be good (so triple science).

German would be good to take and I guess you could take Latin if you can fit it in with your other subjects. If your school offers it I would think about Psychology too. R.S may be helpful but for my R.S GSCE we only learnt about one religion so it's probably not that useful. You will need Maths, which is compulsory anyway, so just try and get the best grade.

I think the best thing to do is think about what A-Levels you need to do to be a doctor and then find out what GSCEs you need to take them.


you have to take triple science! no matter how hard people say it is, if you want to become a docotor or take science as an a level you must take triple science. plus theres a lot of practiles involved :D

make sure you take a subject you enjoy aswell like one where you can relaz like dt , art etc these will help you rewind and relaz you but also show future emplyers that your creative and open mindied. which belive it or not is important in medicence. and i know people think art and dt are wastes or gcse when actualyl there not you can get into loads of jobs with them.

seeming as your good at science ( well i hope you are if you want to becoem a doctor) you should be pretty good at geography so think about taking that. btw launages arent really important for medicne. yeah some things are called in latin etc but you dont need to speak a launage no one speaks anymore and laungaes are alot of hard work and only those getting level 8s -high 7s will get B's - A*s in it.


Triple Science; I'm not sure whether everybody at your school has the oppurtunity to take all three , like at mine, but at my friends school it had to fill up an option block. Triple Science (or Higher, where you get separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics) looks more impressive if you're considering applying to a different sixth form, and also if you struggle more in say physics than Biology and Chemistry, you will only receive a lower mark in your individual physics GCSE, whereas if you do Additional, there is the risk that your overall grade will be brought down if youre weaker in one of the three. Don't dispair if it's not possible at your school, as sixth forms and universities are able to understand.

Latin is definitely a good choice and you will find it enjoyable. I study both french and Latin, LOVE both.

Higher maths is mandatory, as well as As and A*s in all your compulsory subjects.

I would also advise PE (although I didn't take it, I know you learn lots about nutrition and anatomy, and it's worth considering if you enjoy it: shows you're a team player etc) or really any other subject you currently enjoy. Year 10 wasn't too difficult but now I am in year 11 and school days are much harder, I would have regretted not taking at leaSt ONE subject I genuinely enjoyed.

Obviously don't know how it works at your school, but at mine I had three option blocks, one language and the chance to do triple science if I achieved a NC Level 7 at the end of year 9 in science .