What time do SAT scores come out?

Anxiously Anticipating them scores...:/ What time will they be out? Midnight Mid morning?


Last time, I got my scores at exactly 6:00 a.m. on the day promised... yeah, I stayed up all night -_-

Oct 28 at 17:1

yeah i wouldnt stay up.

Midnight- it has never happen, i've tried it before for my June SAT

Oct 28 at 20:47

I've read that they came out at 5EST am every year.

Oct 29 at 0:56

Somewhere between 2am-6am PST time, so probably 5am-9am ish eastern time.

Oct 29 at 5:28

In the wee hours of the morning (somewhere between 3 and 5 AM EST), but usually not at midnight.

Oct 29 at 10:23

Depends on where you live!

There are 4 time zones in the U.S; if you live in India (like I do), there is a 12 hours difference in time!

The results come 12 days after taking the test.

Oct 29 at 15:41