How much can a test worth 5% of my total grade affect me?

The final in my class is worth 5% of our total grade. How much can this affect my grade? At first I would think it cannot lower it by more than 5% but I think that is wrong. So if I have a 95% for example, and I get a 0 on the test, what will my grade drop to? Thanks!


Grades are a bit more complicated than that. a rough guess is, you would get a 91 but for a more acurate answer you would have to add up your scored on all the tests and quizes weight them properly and add in the final. for example if homework=20% tests=40 Quizes=30 classwork=5 and the final is 5. now lets throw in some grades. Quizes-97,99,98,95,96 Tests-95,98,93,100 Homework=90,90,90,90,90 Classwork, 100,100,100,100 and Final=0

find the sum of each category.






now multiply by weight

Quizes=(97 x 30)=2910

tests=(96.5 x 40)=3860

homework=(90 x 20)=1800

classwork=(100 x 5)=500


add results together and divide by 100.

failed final=90.7

aced final=95.7

well i know I didn't fully answer your question but I hope this helps


5%, or 5 out of a 100


5% percent of your grade can be looked at as barely any of your overall grade. if your class is based on a 100 point scale and you have a 100 it will not decrease it by more than 5 points, meaning a 95 in the class. same thing if you have a 95% it will not hurt your overall grade by more than 5, so your overall grade would be a 90. just remember its 5 percent of what you perfect grade could be and not what you currently have.