If a final exam is worth 20 percent of my grade..?

Math is my worst subject, i really hope i passed so I need to know my second semester final grade!:p

3rd marking period I had a 73, 4th marking period I had a 77.

I'm guessing my final grade would be like a 75, right?

I got a 65 on the final exam, which is worth 20% of my final grade D:

I need a 70 to pass! Can anyone help me figure out what my grade is ? Thanks (:


Alright, if the exam is worth 20% of your final grade, then each marking period is worth 40% (40%+40%+20%=100%)

Converting percentages to decimals, and then multiplying each grade by the appropriate amount that it is worth:

0.40 x 73 + 0.40 x 77 + 0.20 x 65= 73%

Congratulations, you passed.


Formula- .80(current grade) + .20(grade you got on ur final) = grade for semester:)