How to approach teacher favoritism?


I am a high school student who has observed a lot of teachers who show favoritism.

I am a student that got an A+ average last year (Grade 11). Now I am in grade 12 and my grades are going down because the teachers show a LOT of favoritism and the marks are mainly determined from the relationship between student and teachers. I personally think so because I am comparing my marks + work with my fellow students.

Example: Student Jazz gets 17/20 on his 2 minute presentation that does not show any insight or specifics. While Student June gets a 13/20 on her 5 minute presentation that shows a lot of specifics, evidence and insight. (Both student learning are at the same level, as both do not have written notes that states learning 'disabilities')

This is as "objective" as possible, so don't criticize how I'm just ranting.

What prompts teachers to show favoritism? What should be done about it?

How do I approach teachers with clear favoritism?


(Note: When I asked a teacher who I suspect have strong favorites, she did not tell me to improve my study habit, ask for extra help after school but be social. That is it, she told me to be social to improve my grades. Let's say I don't raise my hands at all, do you think that will deduct 30% off my grades?

I compare grades to my peer because we are all on the same curriculum study, so it is a regular requirement of all of us on the same level. So don't complain how I shouldn't compare myself to others.

Explain my example to me?


Sorry to sound too blunt, but please, grow up. We have favortisim everywhere we go! In school theres always teachers having their "favs" then you go to college, we have instructors either "hating" on selective students or again having "favs". So, then you graduate and get a job! YOUR boss will have favorities too. Basically you have 2 options: 1. You bixxx about it until you grow old and die. or 2. YOU learn to cope with people that like to kiss butt and/or higher authorities that liked their butt kissed................its all over just go with it! Have this in mind, "higher authority people" already have what they desired either a good career, a corporate office, that they will continue to get paid big bucks, either you like it or not........however YOU still need to work and meet your goals/dreams of becomming someone successful therefore, since its your butt on the line just go with it and dont argue with them or confront them.....they will never admit it but blame you, just like what you were told: PARTICIPATE more, so what do you do? YOU say how high you want me to jump! Remember, its only for a short period of time that you have to put of with them....until you reach your goal!


Did your teacher ask you to participate more in class? If so, she is right, you do need to participate in humanities classes to facilitate higher level thinking. Is the class discussion based? Or lecture based? If it is discussion and activity based then you really do need to be social and participate to get the best experience out of the class. Often in the humanities, the goal of a class is to learn curriculum but also to learn how to think critically and communicate clearly. Discussion is an important part of this process. I can guarantee you will have a lot of classes like this in college so its best to learn how to succeed in this environment now.

If she wants you to raise your hand more often, then raise your hand. You don't have to respect her, but she controls your grade so do what she wants. There will be plenty of times in life when you don't respect authority figures in your life, but you have to learn to get along with them and earn their respect. Trust me!

Now, about this presentation. Did the teacher show you her grading criteria? Did she give you a set of requirements before the presentation? Did she then grade you according to those requirements and show you a breakdown of her grade? Perhaps, you should respectfully and calmly, after class (not during) ask for a breakdown of that presentation grade. Pretend that you are innocent and just curious and ask "Why did I get this grade? I'd like to know so I can do better next time." She should have a clear reason for your presentation grade and she should be using grading criteria that is clearly communicated to her students when the presentation is assigned. It's quite possible she has a very good reason for your grade, but she hasn't communicated that to you yet. Wait until a time when she is not busy either after school or after class and ask her again in the nicest way possible. I know it can be frustrating but its best to learn to communicate with annoying authority figures now and now when you have rent and bills to pay and some jerk boss who doesn't like you! Good luck! I hope this helped.


I liked yesterday's version better with student "Phil" and student "Phi". By the way, do your high standards include spelling words like "irrelevant" correctly?