Should schools offer fast food options like McDonalds or Taco Bell?

It's an english hw question. Can anyone give 5 details of why they shouldn't offer fast options for school? I already did my opinion of the question. Please, thank you! :)


1. Schools should not be in the business of advertising.

2. Schools should promote best practice in any area of school life - you won't find nutritionists who think that McD and Taco B are best practice.

3. Healthier food can be provided for less cost than McD or Taco B

4. Students should be encouraged to broaden their experiences rather than be confined to what they know well already

5. A narrow, repetitive diet is likely to be nutritionally deficient or unbalanced (excess fat, salt, sugar etc) in the long term.


yes they should i cant help you



-kids are lazy and fat, this will make problem worse

-causes high blood pressure

-drains your wallet




Everyone at that school would be obese.

Everyone would be lazy and barely come to school. (Fast food messes with your system and makes you more tired)

Everyone would be very unhealthy.

Everyone would have horrible health issues that could affect their future being.

Everyone be fat, and hate their body more. But continue to eat because there is no other option and it's tempting.

It's a stupid, and poor thing to do.


yes they should because the school will be gettin alot of money


merry chritmas or x mas


uh yes, schools would get a lot more money. if you choose to eat it for lunch just exercise. we could have something like a subway, they have good and healthy food. a Panera bread would be 2fabb4you cause its so amazingggggg and healthy! a starbucks cause youll have a lot of energy to go throughout your day.

also no. because youll get obeist. food would be a lot more expensive it could cause cancer and high blood preassure.