What was Abraham Lincoln's mistress's name?

I just recently found out that abraham lincoln had an affair and as a result, had a second family. However, i can't seem to find out the girl's name. I'm really curious about this. My principal told me that she was married to someone who signed the declaration of independence. Does anyone know her name?


Well, I thought that I had heard everything...

Just this past week or so, conservative Right-wing Religious Republicans and Tea Party advocates have condemned Lincoln for not being Conservative enough.

Condemned Abraham Lincoln.

This sounds like more of the "Let's smear the most revered name in American history for our own selfish hateful little agenda" campaign.

BTW, if the girl was married to a signer of the declaration, then she must have been over 50 years younger! Don't forget that it was "Four score and seven years ago..." (87 years) between the signing of the Declaration, and Lincoln's most famous speech.


you had better check your source, as they are wrong


her name was Miranda but dont no her last name


By the time Lincoln's career in politics would be kicked off, the mistress would have been very old. I highly doubt he would had an affair with anybody. He loved Mary, but greatly did not understand her.


Abraham Lincoln did not have a mistress. Lincoln was barely sleeping with Mary Todd Lincoln (how they had children...?) There's acutally more evidence to suggest Lincoln may have been bisexual or even homosexual (He had close relationships with at least two men where he shared a bed with them frequently.

Are you sure you're not thinking of Thomas Jefferson's affairs with Sally Hemmings?


Honestly, I don't understand how these rumors get started! And to blame them on Republicans is just ludicrous! I don't think for one moment that Abraham Lincoln had a mistress, or that he was homosexual. It was scandalous in those days to have a mistress and would have meant his political doom.

As for sharing a bed with men, when you traveled in those days, it was custom to rent space in a bed, not to have a whole room to yourself, so therefore, it was common for many men to have slept with other men, and furthermore, it was scandalous to co-habit with any woman who was not your wife--the social condemnation would be something someone could never live down, so men commonly shared quarters with other men, while women usually lived at home until marriage or spinsterhood.

You can't judge a person's morals and mores by our modern standards, but must view them in context with the practices of their times. While homosexuality always has existed, they were very much closeted, and reviled by society. Any homosexual who wanted to be prominent made sure that they did nothing to attract attention, for fear of being labeled perverted; or a sodomite; and/or a profligate; sure to be shunned by "polite" society.