What does "Soy Tu Duena" mean in English?

What does "Soy Tu Duena" mean in English?


"I am your owner" (female owner) translatted. This refers to a new soap opera in Spanish network Univision. It refers to being the owner of someomes heart.

Jun 7 at 12:54

The spanish statement "Soy Tu Duena" means "I am your master" in english


Jun 7 at 16:40

it means "I am your owner"

Jun 7 at 20:50

It means i own your heart..out of love.

Jun 8 at 1:22

" Soy tu duena " could also mean " I own you". It depends how it is being said and to whom it is being said. The word duena means " female owner". Obviously if it relates to the title of the soap opera, it has a romantic connotation. In real life it could mean a series of things depending on the circumstance. Example; if you owe money to a female and you are unable to pay her and she tells you "soy tu duena" then this phrase will not have any romantic connotation ;-)

Jun 8 at 6:17