What does "Soy Tu Duena" mean in English?

What does "Soy Tu Duena" mean in English?


"I am your owner" (female owner) translatted. This refers to a new soap opera in Spanish network Univision. It refers to being the owner of someomes heart.


The spanish statement "Soy Tu Duena" means "I am your master" in english



it means "I am your owner"


It means i own your heart..out of love.


" Soy tu duena " could also mean " I own you". It depends how it is being said and to whom it is being said. The word duena means " female owner". Obviously if it relates to the title of the soap opera, it has a romantic connotation. In real life it could mean a series of things depending on the circumstance. Example; if you owe money to a female and you are unable to pay her and she tells you "soy tu duena" then this phrase will not have any romantic connotation ;-)