What is pisciculture?

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the breeding of fish, as a hobby or for scientific or commercial purposes.

The breeding, rearing, preservation, feeding, and fattening of fish by artificial means; fish-culture. Pisciculture has been practised from very early ages. It appears to have been in use iu ancient Egypt, and was followed in China in early times on a very large scale. It was introduced in Great Britain by Mr. Shaw of Drumlanrig, in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, in 1837. An important branch of modern pisciculture is the propagation and rearing of young fish in artificial ponds, with the view of introducing fish previously not found in the locality, or of increasing the supply of desirable food-fishes. Salmon- and trout-ova sent from Great Britain have been successfully propagated in Australia and New Zealand. Of late years America has taken the lead in fish-culture, under the administration of the United States Fish Commission, and millions of ova and fry have been planted in various rivers.


Scientific method whereby fish are grown and cultivated in ponds, lakes, brackish water, and in sea water.

Pisciculture is the farming of fish.It involves raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures, usually for food.

Pisiculture refers to culturing, rearing,capturing of fishes in water bodies like rivers,tanks,ponds,generally in water bodies.


Pisciculture is the breeding, hatching, and rearing of fish under controlled conditions.

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Piscicultue is a subject which deals with the rearing and maintenance of the fishes.


fish farming


It is simply the breeding and rearing of fish in a controlled environment, such as a fish farm, tropical aquarium, or pond etc. Do a search for examples of methodology!


fish farming


the management and production of fish alone is known as pisciculture


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