Is this English sentence grammatically right?

"It is discernible till now, that there has been a miscarriage at the Governmnet's side in fulfilling their responsibilties"

Is this sentence right and if it isn't, what should be written instead?


just do away with the conjunction "till" because it gives your sentence another lack a specific date (till now precedes a specific date)..."government" is not a proper noun, it should not be capitalized...

It should be:

"It is discernible now that there has been a miscarriage from the government's side in fulfilling their responsibilities"

Hope this helps...:-)


No, it's not, nor does it really make any sense as written. Neither is your heading question grammatically correct, by the way. It should read, "Is this English sentence grammatically correct?"


No. There are spelling errors, an agreement error, misused words, and a superfluous comma. I've rewritten the sentence to eliminate these faults and simplified it so that it is clear and direct.

One can see that until now the government has not fulfilled its responsibilities.