What does citizenship mean on a report card?

My daughter got all Unsatisfactory on her school report card. How do you get Unsatisfactory citizenship and what is that? I thought she was the only legal citizen at that mexico public school.


Chances are "citizenship" means your daughters ability to be a good "citizen" within the school. This can encompass many things such as following rules, paying attention, participation in class, getting along with others, completing classroom work, etc.


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To improve citizenship you must:

-obey the law

-respect authority

-contribute to the community

-love your country

-respect all nationalities

-believe in doing what's right

-stand up for others

-serve others before you serve yourself


It means she's not working or playing well with others. She's not trying to be part of the group or participates in team activities. More of a loner or keep to herself type girl. Very independent and not working within the social structure or not getting along well with others.