What does it mean when a girl stands near you?

So, I am in college right now. I was sitting at an table doing my work. Then this girl stands at this table, with no chairs next to me. She was waiting for her class to start, she didn't stand there too long. But, the thing is there was plenty of tables where she could have sat at. I was going to start talking to her, but I didn't know if it would of been a good idea. Should I have stand near to her and started a conversation. Next time, when this happen what should i say or do. I am trying not to be shy anymore.


Yes- go out on a limb! You can do, try not to think about it to hard when you have another situation like that! If she is standing near you say: "HI, how are you" that will break the ice and it is very mutual..."if she doesnt look away or walk away say " I am so and so" (whatever your name was)...then if she doenst offer her anme say "and you are?" Then you should be able to tell by that if she is interested....then if she seems interested say " so what is your major" on and so forth