What does it mean when someone doesn't want to say goodbye?

I met a guy and we met like 6 times , he was supposed to come on the weekend because i was gonna go back to my country on thursday.

But he ended up not saying anything and he said we were friends,that I was important, kissed etc.

So why ? Can anyone please help me ? I'm so confused and I really liked him..


Sounds like he really likes you too, and just didn't want to face the fact that you were leaving to goback to your home country. Sad that you have to break up like that.....


He might not want you to go

he wants u to leave but knowing you'll come back

to me saying goodbye means i won't see u until . . .

might as well say nothing but i'll miss u


he forgot


but doesn't saying ok GOODBYE seem a little awkward maybe didn't want you to see through his "wall"

you get wat im saying

LOL :)