What does the saying a "lion's heart" mean?

What does the saying a "lion's heart" mean?


the term 'lion-heart' is used for a person who possesses exceptional courage and fortitude. He is a very brave person. Fro example: he was a lion-heart. It means he was a very fearless person. He can deal with any kind of danger or fear


it is a phrase meaning "bravery".


it usually means the person is brave. the lion has always been a symbol of courage.


it means that the person does things that are dangerous and takes a brave person although he is scared, and he still makes jokes about it. here is something that I believe is turkish (?)

"A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man."


the lion-hearted woman lept into the boiling volcano where she fought the iron beast with such bravery every man stared with amazment as she destroyed him, falling in with it.

just a little sentence I made up :D