What is the opposite of pedophilia?

What is the OPPOSITE term of pedophilia -- meaning one who is attracted to people older then them?

I'm 21 years old and I am constantly attracted to men who are 40, 50 or even 60 as they seem to be experienced and probably are a lot more intellectual.

Is there a word for this? :)


Gerontophilia- the sexual attraction to older people

a more specialized term in your case would be alphamegamia- the attraction to older men


gold digger


Why do you wish to label yourself with a disease?

The term provided by the other answer is correct -- Gerontophilia--- but, that is not necessarily what this is; unless, of course, you feel compelled to force or manipulate sex out of them, or unless you feel compelled to go to places where you are most likely to have the opportunity to advantage yourself of sexual relations with them, or if sexual relations with them dominate your thoughts or actions to the point of pushing boundaries of what is appropriate or even of what is legal. See, gerontophilia is a paraphilia; an illness. And in the case of this illness, the objects of the affection are generally very old and feeble.

What you have is very natural. It has been studied by biologists who study our primate cousins; that the younger, more fertile females typically attempt to mate with the older, wiser, more experienced males while the male primates tend to be attracted to the younger, more fertile females.

Stop trying to label yourself and just be who you are.