Complain and complaint?

Whats the difference between complain and complaint? Pls with examples


Complaining (or to complain) is a verb.

When you think verb, think: What is going on?

Complaint is the noun form of the same word.

When you think noun, think: person, place or thing.

Verb "Complain" (w/ tenses):

She complained. - past

She complains. - present

She will complain. - future

Noun "Complaint" (a thing)

She wrote out a complaint.


I would like to complain.

I would like to make a complaint.


Complain is verb, complaint is noun.

I'll complain to the authorities, regarding misuse of Yahoo! answers.

I'll lodge a complaint, with Yahoo! Answers.


complain is a verb, it is an action

complaint is a noun, it is a statement

If one wanted to complain, they would file a complaint of their dissatisfaction.