What does pending approval mean?

I joined a website and I got an e-mail off them and I've read it but my profile on the website still says pending approval, what does it mean and how can I get rid of it? really peeeing me off :)


It means they are still approving your profile and have not finished yet. Everyone probably goes through it. There's no reason to get angry.


It's on waiting. The admins have to approve you into their websites. It's like a waiting list where you're ready to be accepted to something.


It means it's waiting for an administrator of the website to approve your new profile. You'll just have to wait a little bit until this gets completed. It shouldn't take long.



1 [uncountable and countable] when a plan, decision, or person is officially acceptedCOLLOCATIONS


give/grant your approval

receive/obtain approval

with/without somebody's approval

submit/send something for approval

subject to somebody's approval (=if it is accepted by someone)

pending somebody's approval (=waiting to be accepted by someone)

somebody gives their seal of approval (=an important person, organization etc says officially that they agree with something and will allow it)

formal/official approval

Congressional/parliamentary etc approval

The president has already given his approval to the plan.

It is just three months since we received official approval to go ahead with the project.

A company cannot be sold without the approval of the shareholders.

The bill will be submitted for approval by Congress.

The President would appoint the Council of Ministers, subject to the approval of the National Assembly.

The IMF has given its seal of approval to the government's economic strategy.

appointments requiring parliamentary approval