What does 'tresemme' mean?

i think tres means very. what does emme mean then?


TRESemmé is a brand name.

The brand name is a word play and reference to Edna L. Emme, then a leader and national spokesperson for the professional hair care industry.

Tres Emmé

Aug 20 at 12:22

Are you shure of the spelling?

If you're it's not an English word.

Aug 20 at 16:8

I know it's a hair product brand and tres does mean very but emme doesn't mean anything in French, at least not that I know of.

Aug 20 at 20:17

According to the wikipedia article about the company (hair care), the name is a play on words about a woman named Edna Emme who was a leader and spokesperson in the national hair care industry at the time the company was founded.

Aug 21 at 0:50

The explanation about "Emme" meaning the last name of the spokesperson of the national hair industry makes a lot of sense. Thanks for deciphering the big mystery. Tresemme simply means "very much Emme"....

Aug 21 at 5:45