What does Inhuman mean?

What does Inhuman mean?


Inhuman - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Definition of INHUMAN.

a: lacking pity, kindness, or mercy : savage <an inhuman tyrant>

b: cold, impersonal

The mass child murderer was thought to be inhuman.


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Feb 5 at 15:41

"not human"

Feb 5 at 19:28

Something done without heart or mercy.

Feb 5 at 23:37

inhumane of inhuman? if inhumane than cruel, Without compassion for misery or suffering. if inhuman than not human, alien.

Feb 6 at 4:9

It can sometimes also refer to a feat literally not capable of a human, like inhuman speed or strength. Although generally if you call someone inhuman, you are saying that they are capable of behavioral acts that a normal human would not be, like killing a child or something else.

Feb 6 at 9:4