Are emily osment and miley cyrus still best friends?

just curious


Well they were never actually best friends. It has always been Miley and Mandy. Yes they were extremly good friends but they were never actual best friends. Miley said for US mag that she will never let Hollywood get in her way of her best friend.


i hope not


Yeah they are still friends and Miley is still friends with Mandy too it's just that they are all pretty busy now with their own things soo they don't have much time to hang out together.


I dunno. Maybe? People CAN have more than one best friend..


Either they' re best friends or not, they always respect each other as best



Yea they never met till the show started and they liked escorted and literally became bff after the show so you could say they are, cause they are.


No, Miley became a * * ...And Miley and Emily, had a huge fight... Emily, as I heard got sick of Miley, and decided she didn' t want to be friends anymore...I have major respect for Emily, Miley has became disgusting trust me..Watch Miley Cyrus performance with Robin Thicke on 2013 VMAs...Disgusting!