Who did Miley Cyrus lose her virginity to?

Was it Liam Hemsworth, or one of her earlier boyfriends?


she has a promise ring wich means she is going to stay pure until marrage, so no one.

Jul 12 at 4:17

How on earth would we know? Do you even know if she lost her Virginity in the first place?It's none of your Business

Only she herself knows

Jul 12 at 8:3

How do u know she lost it in the first place? lol! it must b u then. thats the only way you would know.

Jul 12 at 12:12

Ask her.

Jul 12 at 16:44

no one

Jul 12 at 21:39

ur mom... no it was ur dad

Jul 13 at 2:57

probably her dad's friends or the producer

Jul 13 at 8:39