What are some good anime titles to watch on Netflix?

I have Netflix for the wii and have watched Ouran High School Host Club, Corpse Princess, Soul Eater, Fruits Basket, and Kaze No Stigma. What are some of your favorites on Instant and which ones would you recomend for me to watch next?



All three Full Metal Panic series are there. Everyone who watches them can't help but fall in love with Kaname and Sousuke.

Fans of Trigun should really enjoy Gun X Sword.

If you like funny stuff (but don't mind a certain amount of crudeness) you may enjoy Shin Chan.

Hell Girl is intriguing, if you don't mind shows that have a rather grim and dark view.

xxxHolic kind of falls into that category, too, but at least this one has a little comic relief in it once in a while.

Birdy the Mighty: Decode is good clean sci-fi escapism.

Not quite anime, exactly, but a show that could fool you into thinking it was, is Avatar, The Last Airbender. I think it's very enjoyable.

VanDread has a lot of action and humor in it (I liked this one enough to buy the DVDs).

Orphen is fun. Sorcery, adventure, and humor.

That should be plenty for now.


The Sacred Blacksmith

Only 12 episodes though, but it was great. :D


School rumble kept my attention it was kinda funny but it interested me for some odd reason go for it, and

Trigun was a really good anime too.

Kenichi the mightiest disciple was cool.

rin-just type in rin its daughters of something


spice and wolf.

D-grayman.-not a finished you can watch it subbed/dubbed onhere if you like it anime

queens blad.

strait jacket.

black blood brothers


Shin chan is ridiculously funny.

There all pretty good anime since you like host club you'll prolly like school rumble so there ya go hope I helped peace.


HThere'sFLCLNanaBleachnarouto both season. 1 & 2Bravo girlblack butlerNegamidevil may. Cryblack blood brothersSekireiinu yashaDeath noteBurst angelsoul eaterGunslingerCowboy bepoAh! My goddessHoney & cloverdraganuats (this is actually a. Good series but not as good as soul eater)and the. Others you already now. Wat. Were the old anime? Well i hope i was of. Help mod


Kenichi. ,ga-rei zero , mars seasons 1&2,phantom part. One and twosamari. 7