Another anime like 07 ghost?

What is anther anime like 07 ghost?I'm not talking in aspect of the religious stuff. I really don't prefer all the religion stuff in the anime. I'm talking about how teito ran away and those three guys found him and proteccted him. Basically like an anime where the charachter is running away from someone or something and someone finds them and protects them along the way.


maybe you would like :

12 Kingdoms

Bio-Boosted Armor Guyver

Black Cat




i would say Trinity Blood or D.Gray-man are the closest to 07 Ghost.


blood +

blood trinity

xxx holic - not a hentai


trinity blood

black cat


You might really like code geass in that case


I'd try Nabari no Ou.

Miharu is the holder of a special power within the Nabari (or ninja) world. He's a very anti-social, no emotions kind of kid until he finds this out and meets Yoite, a "kira" user who wants Miharu to use his power to erase his existence completely. This gives Miharu meaning, and he tries everything in his power to help Yoite. Miharu has to constantly escape from the Kairoshu, a hidden village that wants to use his power, while his friends help him, but disapprove of his friendship with Yoite.

In the end, it's all about Miharu's ambiguous friendship with Yoite, and how having someone in his life that feels the same emptiness as he does makes him want to save that person above all else.