Which zodiac signs are the most self-centered?

based on YOUR experience! which zodiac signs have been the most self centered ?

self-centered being that they constantly want attention & everything is about them!

based on MY experience: #1. Sagittarius, #2. Cancer #3. Gemini ... #4. Scorpios too!

I'm a Virgo (w00t, w00t) ... state your sun sign, please!


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Geminis like to brag but they also help people all the time.Sagittarius r the most self-centered of them all.I know many.

Im a Scorpio


Taurus females are very self centered, not to be rude but they are. I've seen Leos also who like to think they're better than most, but they're friendly and I get along with them great so I won't bash on them. Back to Taurus, haha just kidding.



1 scorpio

#2 aqua with leo moon.

the scorpio i know's very very self centered ! she's very manipulative & vengeful as well & hates admitting her fault.

the 2nd one is an aqua with leo moon. i need to mention the leo moon as the other aquas i know are so not like her. she uses people & then throws them. she isn't very attention seeking though.

i was shocked to read that sagittarians are considered to be selfish! em sacrificial when someone really needs me. however,if it's something like vaccuming the house,then yes em very selfish & lazy.


Aries: They always have to be the center of attention. If they aren't, they throw a fit. Once an aries was proved wrong; he argued. He just couldn't admit that he was not right. So he ran out of the room with his arms folded. haha. drama

Sagittarius: They annoy me. They think they are the best creatures on planet earth.

Scorpios: They will do anything to get a bit of attention.

I'm a pisces


Aries & Leo


Leo - we are the most self centered because we want all of the attention on us.



Leos are big atention-seekers.Take away their audience and you've taken away their life.Lucky for us,they are usually quite funny and pleasant to hang out with but sometimes it just gets old.

Cancers will get mad at you if they think you're their best friend and you should be paying atention to them all the time.

Aries are very selfish,but in a different way,they don't want to take center stage,they just want you to do things their way.

Now Sags..Sags just do what they want without worrying much about you.Yes,they'll know they've done wrong if you explain your feelings to them,but they will never understand it unless you tell them.I don't think they love being the center of atention but they are naturally positive and extroverted so they end up getting a lot of atention.






Surprised no one had mentioned Leo yet.