If I leave this Taurus man alone, will he come back to me?

He flirted with me for a few months, I always ignored him until finally, I gave in...things went up and down from there...when we were together, he was perfect- kissing me, cuddling...but when we were apart, he was so distant, even cutting the phone in my face. I guess I looked a little bit desperate because he kept on confusing me and I just really wanted to know what he wanted from me(a serious relationship or something casual)

Well, he cancelled another meeting with me and I got really mad, went up to his place and finally squeezed the truth out of him. He told me that he'd thought about it and just wanted to be friends...I told him straight up that I didn't want to be friends with someone as irresponsible and thoughtless as him...and slapped him..i know what i did was bad find out that all this while he was just playing kind of hurt......anyway, since then, whenever we cross each other, his head is always down..he never looks at me...and i sense this sadness on his part...even though he was such a jerk (i'm not the only girl he 'flirted' with..i mean, he even went to the extent of saying he wanted to marry me and stuff!)

my question is..when a taurus has made up his mind, will he ever change it?i'm virgo by the way

serious answers please and thank you :) :) :)


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Hunni, I completely understand where you're going with this and ive learnt a lot by a strange but wise scorpio woman who helped me to understand a Taurus and believe me her words were wise and intelligent. I was kinda in the same predicament as you with a Taurus before and my emotions were out of control, literally. But my actions were not good and would not change anything at all so i would say that you did ok but you should have mentioned to him that you do not wanna be played or be a toy etc. Slapping him aint gonna help the situation. But apologised to him and explain why you did this. Guard yourself.

But at the same time hunni i think he also liked you too as he sounded very serious esp marry! Sex for Taurus men is the only way they get closer to a girl, so sometimes you have to give in but being cautious at the same time. For now be distant from him, if he likes you he will come back to you. If not, he aint worth it but dont be sad. Us Virgos, we are teribly attracted to Tauruses. The chemistry, the passion they fill us in..i love Taurus men and i'd love to have one in my

Just take it easy with him, besides he might be the guy for you all along without realising it, so have "some" if you know what im saying cos i think this guy is real and would not change his mind. if its something you dont want then tell him, step back and move on.

Edit: I'm not sure what me and my Taurus guy friend had, he used to say friends with benefits and i didnt like the idea since i liked him and he didnt that way so thats the huge difference between our stories. At least ur guy likes you, he wont say it, he will show it!


From what I've observed of this sign (I'm mainly looking at my family, its full of Taurus and Taurus cusp-born) they do like to settle into a situation, and though they have a strong will, unless they have another sign in a strong placement thats at odds Taurus (Gemini for instance can find its way into a Taurus' chart often) their drive to leave a way of life behind is weak. This can cut both ways, in your case I think its not bad, since you're trying to figure out a way to save the relationship. He's not going to take leaving you lightly. This sign, unlike its neighbor Aries, does not say or do things in a rush, decisions are reached slowly, but always with sense. They gravitate towards what feels rich and stable (emotionally as well as physically.)

Your basic Taurus has a love of comfort and safety, and thats been threatened here. If you're sure that you want to try things again (Is he the one for you afterall?) then I think what you need to do is show him that you can still provide that for him. I might give him a nice gift, maybe even leave it for him if you're sure he won't listen when you come up to him. Maybe add a note with, and tell him that you did something wrong and want to make him feel better, you don't want to hurt him. Try to get to talking to him again after that. Do it slowly though, remember, this sign likes to coast into things at their leisure. Tell him that you just want to try and be a good friend to him... then let it grow out of that.

I find that a Taurus actually one of the most patient, warm and understanding signs in the zodiac. I'd be surprised if you don't get a second chance. Good Luck my fellow Virgo! :)


he's done. you hurt his pride, the only way to get a taurus back is if he loved you or if he ever gets over his stubborness


They are very strong minded (So...When they make up there mind its made)


No. Trust me, I've been through this. I told this Taurus guy I liked him... he said I was pretty cool, then we never spoke again. He sees me in the hallways and barely says hi and ignores me. He's such an ***.


You slapped him uh really tho? I would of thought long n hard about that then i wouldn't have had the guts. I think he is hurt coz guys are like that im definitely in ur situation at this point and Im goin along for the ride because you just never know. Guys will say one thing and can start to feel very deeply for you. Some like to flaunt coz they wanna see if they can get you then its like a token and they dont care but could start liking you anyways. You have to learn to not be so heated about the "chase" will come in contact with all kinds of men call them douches whatever but some men are like that jerkos in the beginning some never changed...he definitely learned his lesson but if u liked him alot u could of handled it differently and by what you;re asking you do regret it a lil bit ...if i like the guy i let him chase me like a fool for a long time until he really realize i dont want or need him then if he'l move on to someone else if not he'll start to really wonder why i dont like him lol infact ill start crushing on someone else quick jus to get someone like that away from me. so u can ease into a serious relationship with someone like that its possible its jus how u handle the situation everyone is human after all.


If you leave a Taurus- It's said you won't be welcomed back.


I know a lot of Taureans and they are really not as stubborn as deemed to be. They can be very stubborn if they are 100% sure of something but they can change their mind about things they are not 100% behind.