Why leo men mostly attracted to aries women?

why why why

whats in aries that attracts them ?

if u dont believe or like astrology SKIP

thanks alot in advance


Tell me about it! LOL

I think it's a Fire attracts Fire type of thing.


I would seriously doubt this is true but ok...whatever you say. The idea is pretty laughable though LOL

No Leo guy I know would go for a personality like an Aries female. They are much too blunt, mean and in-your-face. Leo guys don't go for girls like that.


cuz mars just left leo like 10 days ago and like that 80s song goes Dont KNow what you got, Til its Gone!


probably because both leos and aries are fire signs and lots of times, zodiac signs get along well with the signs that share the same element. example: air- gemini, libra, aquarius. fire- leo, aries, sagittarius. earth- capricorn, virgo, taurus. water- cancer, pisces, scorpio.


well in my case most aries women have a really nice, tight butt lol



Hmm Well my Leo best female friend is heavily attracted to the Aries male.

Leos, whetehr male or female love strength.Aries is teh epitomy of strength and being bold