What sign(s) do you think are the most narcissistic?

I feel the Aries Man & the Scorpio Man & the Libra Woman


Cancer sun

Scorpio Moon

Leo Rising


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They can all be narcissistic, but in different ways and for different reasons. Sometimes Tauruses are narcissistic, and only think about their own self-gratification, especially if it deals with something material. Aries sometimes want to be the first and the best, and are willing to walk over anyone, friend or foe, to get to the top. Virgos sometimes view the world in terms of perfection, casting others in the imperfect light, and themselves in the perfect. Scorpios can sometimes be narcissistic when they try to cover up their own feelings and vulnerabilities. Capricorns can be narcissistic when they look down on others, especially people who are not as sucessful or serious as them. Geminis can be narcissistic, when they think they are the most intellectually gifted person out there. Pisces can sometimes be narcissistic when they're completely out of touch with reality, that they believe their own delusions of grandeur. Any sign can be narcissistic. But in general, if I had to pick the ones that are consistently narcissistic I would say, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.

Jun 26 at 23:53

Leo both.

Scorpio men.

Aries both.

Capricorn men.

Cancer men.

Libra both.

Sagittarius men.

Jun 27 at 3:39

Sag woman, Leo's, Aries, and gemini.

Jun 27 at 7:48

I have to say:





Jun 27 at 12:21

Libras are commonly shallow by all definitions of the word: Emotionally shallow, shallow in relationships, judging people by looks and appearance, which can cause them to be unstable in relations, vain and conceited.

Sagittariuses and Leos can both become so certain of themselves, be such showoffs and exaggerators and I think Leos are given to trollish behavior more than any other sign, but some Arieses have this rare, delusional, hyper-narcissism, me me me! Think they're the biggest, baddest thing since sliced bread.

I'm not differentiating between gender because it really doesn't matter. =P

Jun 27 at 17:16

Probably Aries and Leo. In the true sense, narcissistic, just meaning completely self absorbed and thinking they know everything and they are always right. As opposed to Libra women maybe just loving themselves in a kind of 'I am so gorgeous' kind of way.

Jun 27 at 22:34

As a Libra I can say we are not narcissistic, only vain.

We don't view our physiques as something like "omg I'm the hottest thing since sliced bread" but we do know that we look good. In fact the only reason we take so much care of our appearance is because of our insecurities.

Narcissism is something of a typical Leo maybe even Aries trait.

Jun 28 at 4:15

Pisces and

Taurus are so selfish .

Pisces girl.

and is the Taurus man .

Jun 28 at 10:20