Aries male and Cancer female.. compatible?

A friend of mine introduced me to an Aries boy (I am a Cancer female), and we both hit it off. I'm curious to see what our compatibility would be like in a relationship!

(of course, I won't base EVERYTHING on astrology.. I like having it in the back of my mind though)


Sun in Aries

Moon in Aquarius

Rising in Sagittarius


Sun in Cancer

Moon in Sagittarius

Rising in Scorpio

I included moon and rising as well because mentioning just the sun is a bit basic. Thanks! : )


In general speaking, Aries and Cancer are incompatible since fire and water don't mix well. However, this is just based on astrological law and there is no reason why a strong and passionate person won't get along with a home loving person. In reality, Aries and Cancer combination will maintain balance between the family life and social life. Looking at your chart, your Sagittarius Moon gets well with his Sun, Moon and Rising. Remember that woman's personal trait will be based on the Moon more than the Sun. Therefore, just work hard and focus on the truth.

Accordingly, Aries admire someone who is athletic (although depending on who).

Instead of looking at the birth chart, try some compatibility based on birthdays, which is more specific and accurate:

Famous couple Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are well suited but not astrologically;


Sun in Cancer

Moon in Scorpio


Sun in Leo

Moon in Aries


It could work. Aries are more caring than you think which is why you can get along. Also your moon signs Aquarius and Sagittarius share a spiritual understanding of each other. Rising signs don't really matter if you get to know each other properly because they are just the face u put on the outside. You may get hurt by some of aries remarks though, they are teasers and you are a sensitive cancerian.


Moon sign is match but sun sign is not match and consider colling sign . other then write birth details