I'm a Taurus (born on May 6) what are some characteristics about my sign?

I'm just curious. I've recently become interested in astrology and horoscopes. And what is the difference between a star sign and a sun sign? also, just any other info about horoscopes and what i need to know to understand some of the stuff im reading (like houses and stuff)


Your star sign is your sun sign, so don't worry about those details for now. When you get into astrology you should do it one step at a time because there's a lot more to it than most people think.

Taurus people are an Earth sign, along with Capricorn and Virgo. Earth signs in general are connected if you like, to nature, and enjoy doing things that involve being out of the house and in a real nature filled environment. We have a very strict moral code, we're easy to get a long with but even one step out of line and the slightest tint of betrayal and our opinion of someone is severely altered. When we are annoyed by someone we tend to do one of two things:

Ignore them

Try to hurt them back

We make very good friends and because of our logical thinking we are often the people that friends talk to for solutions to problems or a shoulder to cry on. We're very laid back in society, and rather than being the center of attention, we prefer to sit back and enjoy watching others in the lime light. We are generally hard workers who want nothing but a stable life, and because of our need for stability, we usually get good jobs and good money to provide a safety net for our future. We can't be pushed into doing something that we don't want to do, and when we do do something, it's always at our own pace.

Carrying on with your other concerns like suns, moons and rising planets, etc:

Sun signs are your star sign, they symbolize your core personality and behavior.

Moon signs contribute to the mannerisms we have, and they way we tend to act in certain situations.

Rising planets are leaned towards our feelings and how we feel about certain situations.

All of the above are also star signs, they are basically parts of other star signs that mix in with your own sun sigh to create your personality.

But seriously, one step at a time, k?


ok Katie calm down. You sounds nuts.

yeah just search it on google : )


All the taurus I know are so closed minded and negative. They never change. *sign* I have to avoid them because they have bad personalities and I get influence easily.


If you want to know everything abt your future visit have asked and thing are going as they said.


* First things first- get a birth (natal) chart for yourself. You will need your time, place and date of birth. There are many sites, I like because it gives you interpretations as well. If you can't use that try The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk is a great book for beginners. All of the planets in our solar system are in the Zodiac and each has a meaning. In a birth chart there are 12 houses that relate to the areas of our lives. The planets, sign and houses are combined to describe our very complicated selves and lives. Every person has a different combination of these elements. That is why no one is the same as anyone else, even if you have the same Sun sign, the planets and/or signs and/or houses change. So when the critics say astrology is made up of stereotypes, you can see that they are ignorant of the facts.Also cafeastrology has great information about many topics, you can use it as an extra source for info. Welcome to the world of astrology, It will give you tremendous insight into yourself and others and help you navigate your life in ways no other pseudo or hard science will. And don't be relauctant to ask your questions, that's how we learn.


I would guess that you are an over-all good-hearted person, you are loyal to your friends, your a bit jealous and territorial when it comes to relationships and you like to be in charge. You are more a lover than a fighter, but if someone pushes your buttons...WATCH OUT cuz they WILL get TRAMPLED! You are extremely stubborn and opinionated, but you are attractive, funny, and great in bed. ... those are just some of the Qualities/characteristics of a Taurus that i can think of off hand...but that's just from what I believe! I was born May 3rd! ;) and if your anything like'll BELIEVE ME cuz us Taurus's ARE ALWAYS RIGHT! LOL....


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