What exactly does it mean to be the opposite zodiac sign of someone?

the guy i want to marry is a Leo and i am an Aquarius , i read something that said he is my opposite sign, my nor ht node is Aquarius and my south node is Leo. what is this supposed to mean? is it good or bad that we are opposite. my sign is an air sign and his is a fire sign, i heard this is a good mix because fire needs air to survive. but i don't know much about astrology so i could use some help :] thanks


Your "opposite" sign is the one that is directly, well, opposite your own on the "wheel" that comprises the 12 signs of the zodiac. "Opposites" are sometimes said to be either perfectly wonderful, or perfectly horrible together.

My husband is also my Opposite (my Pisces to his Virgo.) I'll have been married to him for thirty years come February, so it's obviously not all bad! :)

BTW, most traditional astrologers would consider Leo and Aquarius to be a very good match.


I'm a Leo and oppisite to an Aquaruis


I'm Sagittarius having a relationship with a Gemini for 8 years, guess what? We're engaged! Opposites do attract.


Omg ima Aquarius and my new boyfriend is a Leo he makes me feel like I' m on top of the world he is something new to the table and im happy to have him