How does a Taurus guy act like when he likes you?

So i think this guy (who is a taurus) likes me. hes always staring and spending time with me and walks me to class, but at the same time i can feel that he wants to like me but hes not. its weird one day im almost sure and the next i think that he sees me as something like a threat its really confusing. he Always wants hugs but not when there's people around. and when hes with me, i talk to other guys and then i try to talk to him and ignores me and i feel like i lose him a little. and sometimes i do things that makes him be all over me again but i never know what it is. i don't know what makes him mad or happy. im just confused. what do taurus usually do when they like you?

oh! and hes always wanting to put his arm around me and wanting to hug me but i dont like that (im an aquarius) what do you think? and if he does do you think i would be happy with him?


They are very touchy and keep their love on the DL.

He likes you. Go for it girl.



smother brother


I'm married to a Taurus and he is still like that. They are very hard to figure out. Once you think you did you find out you didn't. He likes you, but be careful when you do talk to other guys, that's a turn off for them. Just keep acting like his friend and he'll come around...PROMISE


It is hard to tell....they are subtle guys. You will probably have to play your cards first.


Taurus guys r assholes


Taurus take long to really show how there feeling he's probubly just trying to figure you out I used to have the same problem

P.s taurus like to touch,he's probubly trying to show you he's interested