How to make taurus male jealous?

How to make taurus male jealous?


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It's not hard AT ALL!

I'm a Taurus and I have to try not to be jealous of anything.

Especially when I like a guy. When I see him talking to some

other girl it gets me so jealous.

We like to want what we can't have.

Try to talk to other guys.

He'll want you because other guys want you.


its best not to do that because well a taurus is a bull and

well...can act like one when angry.

im a taurus, but i can control my temper, it usually gets down

to jealousy and paranoia.

but if your 100% you want to make this one jealous, just dont talk to

him and talk to other guys.


aye yo HOLGAH ya answer had nothing to do with her a scorpio rising and I aint as nasty as you stop screwing niggaz and wrap it up and go back to school..then maybe you can give ya 2 cents kk because ya ignorance is not cute!

Any who taurus are like scorpio when it comes to jealousy so if it's a close friend, boyfriend etc you're trying to do this too be wise about it because you don't want to loose him/her.


they don't like that. my friend's taurus bf left bc she did that to him thinking he would chase her. but he didn't. it made him feel insecure about the relationship.


Not a good thing to get any Taurus mad. He will blow up in a calm manner but everything is going to fly. They are possessive and not usually loud. But underneath the bull lies fury. He will see red.


Don't DO that! This is a Taurus man you are talking about.

Yeah, sure, nothing seems to get under his skin. But every sign can get mad, and when Taurus does he BLOWS.

Taurus men are very very slow to commit. This is because once they commit they find it almost impossible to undo it. Therefore they take their time to make sure this is the relationship for them. Oh, because they aren't particularly introspective, he's probably not consciously aware he's doing this. But he is.

Taurus, if he's spent any time investing himself in a relationship with you, and if you are cheating him (or cheating ON him) in any way, will be absolutely furious. Don't play this game with a Taurus. After he blows up he'll cut you out so fast, you won't even see it happen.


Taurus men get jealous very easily it shouldn't be too hard.

My ex used to get mad if I even said hi to his friend if we bumped into each other on the street.

If he sees you with another guy, if you're on the phone with another guy in front of him, if you mention male friends, etc. But they don't like to play games and they can hold grudges for a LONG time, so try not to make him TOO jealous.


Taurus are known to get jealous... for anything especially attention