Do Libras and Aries get along?

Don't knock me off because I'm interested in horoscopes that's just rude.

Anyway I'm a Libra and he's an Aries, kind of the Venus and Mars god relationship. I think we're like opposite signs or something but we're pretty similar. He's absolutely wild, passionate and crazy I don't know if that's what aries are like. Astrologically speaking would this relationship work?

Even if you say it would be disastrous I would still go with him because we're pretty much in love lol.


I'm a libra guy and my best relationship was with an Aries girl. We fit together like a puzzle, It was crazy. They understand that we like our space but still want them around. You guys will work out as long as whenever there is tension between you two just talk it out.


Aries Man

Aries man swaggers in and charms the charming Libra woman. She fascinates him; he fascinates her. But Aries man needs to be the center of attention, and Libra woman gets the spotlight without even trying. Aries holds her back. She also gets annoyed when he doesn't stick to his word-which she does-and when he shows up late all the time. They can have a great affair if Aries man respects Libra woman. All in all, this can be a great fling, whether short-term or even a little longer. It's just not a probable marriage.


The thing with Aries and Libra is that they are Polarities, so that means there will usually amazing attraction between the two, but not necessarily great compatibility. Yes, Aries are wild and passionate, but Libra is extremely passionate also, so I don't think there should be a problem there.

You should look at the Moon and Venus Signs though. The Moon rules emotions and Venus describes how you act in relationships. Both are helpful in determining compatibility.


Awwww! I think you guys will be fine. Astrologically speaking, it won't be perfect, but I believe it's compatible.


From my experience with Libra's (being an Aries myself),

the Libra will nag away at the Aries, and when the Aries gets angry the Libra will be taken for a shock every time.

It will be a very love-hate sort of relationship, I believe.

They are quite the pair of conflicting personalities, though- the Libra will always try to "repair" the Aries.

I've never dated a Libra, but my mother & grandmother were Libra's, and I have a few Libra friends.



Contridiction! WOOOOOOHHHHH!

I say your PERFECT!

Double thumbs up :D



I don't know much about horoscopes but my mom is an Aries and my dad is a Libra so sure guess it would be alright