Why is my long time cancer friend ignoring me?

I've known my cancer friend since high school. We're 28 years old btw. Anyway, a couple of months I went out partying with him and his cousins. To be honest I really don't care for his cousins. But he adores them and do to financial reasons is living with them. He thinks the sunshines out of their @$$es for some reason. To me they are losers who live off their poor mother and they get drunk all day. However, to keep the peace I keep it cordial. But I know they are jealous of him because he is very handsome and intelligent. I've seen women bypass his cousins to get to him. I do know that one of his cousins liked me and asked me out, but I declined his offer. Anyway to make a long story short the same night we out his cousin swindled me out of 15.00 dollars, in which he never gave it back to me. Several days after went by and kept contacting him and he never called me back. The night he swindled me out of money my cancer friend tried to get it back from him, but his cousin said he would get my money later. Anyway, since this happened my cancer friend and I have not spoken for the last couple of months. I miss him a lot. I've seen him on yahoo instant message a lot lately and I know he sees me when I get on, but he has yet to say anything to me. I'm a pisces btw.

If you don't believe in astrology please bypass this question thanks!


I would just contact your Cancer friend like nothing happened, get back together with him, and don't give cash to people you know you won't get it back from. It sounds like you knew what kind of people his cousins were. Cancers tend to side with their family, no matter what they're like. My boyfriend and ex-husband are Cancers and think their family is royalty.


Cancers are moody and emotional. Emotions are useless. Cancers are useless.