Why are virgos such beautiful people?

Why are virgos such beautiful people?


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Most of the girls I had crush on were Virgos.

Virgo are virgins is bull crap. All of the Virgo girls I was talking to...they cheated on their bfs....and the poor bf would never think she can cheat on him. They are the best cheaters in the world and make their partner believe that they are in love with them. Lets say if your Virgo partner founds out that you were cheating on them it is totally different story.


I like this question cuz I'm a Virgo. Lol


Because they think they are


cause there Virgins and everyone loves a virgin ones in a while, ya dig?


Virgo is sub-ruled by Venus. She's a pretty girl.


ugh, most virgo's I know were nasty people (personality-wise) but could just be the ones I've met.


They are the best and most good lookers of the ZODIAC. They really are PERFECTION


there like down to earth ppl there gorgeous same with libras but not by sign anyone can be pretty or ugly.

Example Queen raina she gorgeous