Why are Aries people so arrogant, head strong, yet so drastically insecure?

You talk tough, walk tough, but the problem is you hate to admit when you;ve

been trumped, or found out for not doing your homework, or just plain hard headed. Plus the fact that you make Virgo's want to turn you inside out, and we need advil just to look at you! I apologize to the ones who've learned, but I had to get that out.


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My best friend who is an Aries is not very arrogant, I mean she's really really nice to almost everyone, but when she starts talking a lot you get a bit of a conceited air off of her. She talks about how much her parents have money, that they spoil her too much, she talks about her new phones, hot boys that want her, all that stuff. She is kinda quiet though when you first meet her, but she isnt shy at all. They can be insecure thats true, they usually stress too much about what they're going to wear, and how their hair looks, and they can spend hours just staring at theirselves in a mirror. They need compliments, thats for sure. Aries are the best, but they do get mad easily. They become big *** buff men when they are mad, so dont' get one mad. Dont let their innocent face make you think they wont do anything, they are usually the first too hit. Ive fought her before along time ago over some stupid thing, and she kicked my *** lol


They can't help it.It's just who they are.We all have bad traits.Don't look at them and you won't get a headache.


I love myself all too much to take your rant seriously. jk.


aries want to be the best at everything snd they have that "its either my way or the highway" sorta attitude


I know exactly how you feel! I don't know why they're like that but it's so annoying! I don't know why Leos are always said to be the stuck up ones because Aries are the ones who are so cocky!


I thing the stronger Tylenol would do the trick as well. Yes we are arrogant and NO, we are not insecure. We hate to lose but we love the challenge anyhow.



According to what astrology says they are the "kids" of the zodiac.So supposably their generally immature and often selfish.

Leos are arrogant.I'm going by the descriptions.


I'm sorry. It's our fault we have over-flowing confidence in ourselves. It's even our fault that we don't like admitting that we're wrong. Why can't we just get along?

Why the **** are we looking at the negatives?

Oh well..

I'm prepared to draw mustaches on people that thumb me down. For I'm just standing up for myself as an Aries. :)

My threats are useless as ever. xD