When decide to commit, are taurus men faithful?

any personal experience please?

just serious answers no stupid time wasters. thank you


I haven't known a Taurean male to cheat. I have, however, known Taurean men to be leave their partners in pretty deplorable ways.

Up to you to decide if this is a Taurus thing or a male thing, hard to judge using a sun sign.

Good luck :-)




Taurus men prefer to get money n comforts most in their life. Even love for them is a luxury.

painful experience that i dont want to share here.

anyone can be unfaithful,regardless of their sunsign.

If u r attracted to this sunsign man,i know its hard to let go. But trust me,look beyond it. Its really hard to make a bull feel. If u get one blow of the horn,ull never wanna love again. Taureans mostly have multiple affairs. I never saw someone fake love better than them.

U take ur time and see how the person is. Never think u r immune,cause u never know who is good n who is not.

God bless u