What kind of mind games do Taurus men play?

I never thought they did this but I just met one and he has a Taurus sun and lots of Aries in the rest of his chart. Hes playing games, making me wait on him because I foolishly told him I am impatient.


Practicality is the key to the Taurus. We generally don't do BS. If you want to fake things or BS you can feel free to do that on your own. A Taurus will not be part of that. We don't play games but if you want to hurry up and we feel a little malicious we will make you suffer. It's not a game, it's purposely trying to hurt you.

It's about cause and effect. You want to rush, well rushing results in not going. Deal with it.

As an example my parents wanted me to go to some haughty music school interview. I kinda wanted to go too. They woke me up at 8:30 and we had to leave at 9. So I wanted to lay in bed and let myself wake up. They keep busting in every 5 seconds. I told them I would be dressed and ready at 8:45. They couldn't just let me do my thing so we didn't go. I didn't get out of bed out of spite.

A Taurus will do what he said if he really did promise it. That is a guarantee. But if you keep bugging him and trying to make him do it your way he will do everything in his power to make it hard for you, to teach you a lesson about not bugging him. That is also a guarantee.



You do realize that astrology is nonsense, yeah?

He just sounds like a jerk.

I wouldn't bother with him.


None - astrology is a complete fraud.


LOL, yeah, that's a Taurus alright. They'd make God Herself wait.

Aside from that, they aren't big on mental games. That would be the Aries poking through if he does that. But Tauri do need their space and time...they will not be pushed into doing anything they are not ready to do; and if you try to push them, prepare for the horns.