Does a Scorpio(female)"personality" ever forgive?

Or should i move on? I have a feeling she will never forgive. I know it's kind of a broad question, but some feed back would be nice even if it's irrelevant. Thanks.


Don't listen to some of this unforgiving Scorpios in here, Some Scorpios do actually forgive a person, but it depends on the damage you inflict on them, Scorpio is an emotional, sensitive, fixed, intense and practical sign, so it's very difficult for them to forgive when you really deeply hurt them. If the person has been really cruel to them, then I don't think so, they will either hate you and move along or they may/just may forgive you and move along as well. But remember the Scorpio sting, once you get them into another fight they will bring up all those stuff you said about them and personal stuff about you that you would rather want to be kept secret(hence the Scorpio sting).

This is why Scorpios are mostly compatible with water signs (Pisces and Cancer) cos this signs never look for confrontations/fights in any way possible. if you're not one of this signs then good luck.




Forgive, maybe. Depends on the 'crime', but we never forget.


Of course they do....they even forget...until the next fight! Then all hell breaks loose and you will hear about everything you have ever done to them.....AGAIN!


It really depends on what it is you want us to forgive and if we love you enough to forgive you...BUT we NEVER EVER forget.