Purchasing a mobile number according to Numerology?

Respected Astrologers/ Numerologists/Friends

I am planning to purchase a new mobile number according to Numerology. However i have no idea about the calculation of numbers according to Numerology.

Which method should be followed? Which number will be suitable for which Day Number/Destiny Number?

I wanna know the whole concept .

Thanks in advance.


Heena Bhalla


Just add all the 10 digits

u'ii get a two digit no.

again u add those two numbers

finally u'll get a single digit

compare it with your Date of Birth


no numerology . believe ur god .

god is a first

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However especially numerology works wit ur doornumber and specially wit ur mobilenumber. Its true! The respectable all numerologists are not fools. Thir researches on dis are remarkable.


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