How to get an Aries to chase you/ask you out?

a guy i have got to know i asked him to my formal. he said yes. i asked him if he wanted to come to my room or meet at the place, he told me whatever i wanted to do. so i told him to come to my place. we had a few drinks and talked. he was looking at me as i was finishing up getting ready. at the formal he is social so he talked to a lot of people, but he also talked with me about school, family, hobbies, etc. when we danced he was all over me lol but i let him ; ) and he intertwined his fingers into mine...when we took the bus back to campus there wasn't a lot of space and he told another girl she could sit with us, so i suggested (jokingly) if i should sit on his lap to make room and he said eagerly "yeah if you want." I didn't, but i told him i was sleepy and he put his arm around me and i snuggled up to him and rested until we got back. when we said goodbye we hugged and i thanked him for coming and he said of course and he had a great time : ) Does he like me (more than friends or sex)? we both acknowledge i'm a "girly girl" and he's the "tough guy" type haha is this the reason for the attraction but how i get him to CHASE me/ask me out? i'm pisces


If you've ever read anything about Aries, you'd know that they

LOVE the chase, wanting what they think they can not have,

and conquering/winning the prey. They also love a girl who is

sure of herself, or can carry herself that way, showing alot of

self confidence and being secure with herself. They like one

who likes to have fun, and I don't mean in a slutty way, as

they like someone who is fun to be with, yet never lets them

know for sure that they have won over your heart. They like to

keep competing, and basically, keep playing the game. They

really like a girl who can hold her own, and one who laughs,

and has fun. They are not ones for the mushy, hang all over

me type, and definitely not the possessive type. Good luck~

and hope this helps some~


leave them alone.


Flash him your cleavage and run.


Do what Stargazer said.