Do Leos An Aries Go Well Together?

My man is an Aries n im a Leo n we get along SO well!

He's my best friend and my love<3

I just wanted to know what Zodiacs say about it.

So, do Aries n Leos go well together?


Well my mum's a Leo and my dad's an Aries, and they've been married for 25 years, and they love each other very, very much. So I'd say, yeah, Leo and Aries do go well together. :)


just go to and you can do both your charts for free and it gives you a ton of info about it....good luck my dad s a leo and my sis is an them both...and so funny


If you two get along so well and you see him as your best friend. Why do you need to know if you are compatible? but if you must know just check it on google you will get plenty of info.


THe compatibility depnds beyond the sun signs. it depnds on moon, venus, pluto, mars, etc. anyway, generally, aries and leos are two dominators. One of them has to be in charge. the other one has to be the follower. I've seen a leo-aries relationship that worked this way.

These two signs compete a lot. their competiton will lead one of them to have more power. hence, power=domination.


Well mostly the zodiac compatible sign tell that Aries & Leo's are compatible and that they like each other present both are dare devils. I'm married with a Aries for 13 years and i'm a Leo. And yeah we do get along but sometimes he get on my nerves and i don't like it when he tell me what to do but i love him a lot.

Here do you have a site of Aries and Leo compatible.…


You both have compatible needs for self-fulfillment (Sun indicates what you need to feel whole and complete within yourself).

As to whether of not a particular Aries and a particularl Leo get along, well that depends on the contacts between one birth chart and the other person's birth chart.

No couple is ever 100% compatible in real life, and no comparison of birth charts ever shows 100% compatibility either.