Hi Friends,

My birth chart contains GURU and CHANDRA yuti in 12th house, would like to know that is it beneficial or not?

I have two more yutis in my chart also:

SURYA and BUDH in 4th house

MANGAL and SHANI in 11th house

Name: Ravi

DOB: 13 MAR 1982

TIME: 00:02 AM

PLACE: Meerut (UP)

Thank you


Jupiter and Moon, lords of 2nd and 9th Join in 12th house is Gaj Kesary yoga. It is a good yoga, gives one money and position.

Lord of ascendant Mars joins lord of 4th Saturn is an other yoga, the Kendra Trikona Raj Yoga.

Conjunction of lords of 4th (Jupiter) and 9th (moon) is also Raj yoga as per Brihit Prashar hora shashtra. This yoga also called a Dhan yoga and makes one rich. You have other Dhan yoga and KarmJeev yoga, meaning earning with self efforts.

You will be endowed with wealth, conveyance good wife and children. You will be long lived and enjoyable life.

Sun and Mercury conjunction in 4th house (Surya Budh yoga) makes one intelligent and sweet natured.


Yes. You have Gajakesari Yog

You are just started with Sade sati.


NO great or good benefits from guru chandra yoga(gaja kesari yoga ) in 12th house,

chandra when placed in 12th house gives mental disturbance and mental tension

guru in 12th house (some times suicidal tendency)

again if the lord of 2nd and 9th placed in 12th is even more worst position

but, the surya and bhudha in 4th is very good combination budhaditya yoga

and the 11th house having two bad planets is even more good